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Test mail post…..


About deep004

I'm a 28 yrs old, only child of my parents,single, science graduate turned businessman turned commerce student (now pursuing chartered accountancy) in desperate need of some answers in life by staying anonymous, who one day accidentally happened to bump into one blogging site called 'the life and times of an indian homemaker' and after going thru so many blogs in the site and a few in other sites as well for so many days, has a strong believe that blogging might help him to get the answers he wants and grow as a human being. I'm not a avid reader or blogger or an english graduate or anyway remotely related to the media industry so please pardon my mistakes in language/grammer if u find any. I'm not a feminist or a believer of patriarchy. I've my own views, logics, rationalisms, ideas, experiances, intellect and motives by the help of which I judge a situation or individual in life. I love singing and listening to music & I'm a trained singer in light music for 7 yrs & 2 yrs trained at playing piano during my teenage thou nowadays I don't get much time for any of them except for hooking up with my walkman and humming at times. As hobbies I now like hanging around with my few close friends, sleeping, cooking, net surfing, playing chess/carrom with friends, and recently its blogging. I'm not much of a social buff thou I tend to get along with almost everyone easily. I like staying at home in my own comfort zone unless its necessary to go out. In short, I'm an average guy with average achivements, goals & lifestyle now. That should be enough about me for the time being.
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